Valentine's Bazi l Valentine's Day Short Film 2019 l SK Rayhan Abdullah l Apon l ThirdEye Fiction

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This is a content where a angry always slapped his brothers and friends . At the middle point he got a girlfriend who act like him.And after that he started to slap his girlfriend and his brothers get rid of from his slap.At the end , One of his brother surprised to see that he got the power of that angry man and he also started to slap his brothers

Director : Aminul Apon
Edit-Dop: Rakib Hasan
Color : Rakib Hasan
Script : SK Rayhan Abdullah

Edit-DOP Profile :

Cast : SK Rayhan Abdullah,Sabila,Emon,Shanto,Shawon,Jahid,Hridoy

Producer: Md Aminul Apon

Production- Third Eye Fiction ( Rakib Hasan & MD Aminul Apon )


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