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Welcome to the New Year edition of THE GAME, our traditional quest where you can win containers, supplies, drones, a «Dream Tank» and even a tablet from our partners Prestigio.

For those who are not familiar with our quests, THE GAME is a series of riddles and puzzles spanning 5 days. Each quest day kicks off at 09:00 UTC with a special video that will provide you with your first clue/s. From there, you’ll need to solve all the riddles, guess the word of the day and submit it by putting together a puzzle.

IMPORTANT: The final word will not be considered valid if the puzzle is not assembled.

The quest will take place from 3rd to 8th January.

To participate, you need to register on THE GAME website using your TO account username and password here: https://game.tankionline.com/en/

Completing the quest gives you game points, and the amount of points you get will determine your reward. You will only have one shot at submitting the correct keyword for the day.

The first participant who submits the correct answer, gets 100 points, the second 99, the third 98 and so on. From the ninetieth place onwards, players will receive 10 points each.

If you enter the wrong word, you’ll be able to correct the mistake on the final (fifth) day of THE GAME. Doing so, will grant you 5 points for every correct answer.

Participants will be given their personal result immediately after entering all the keywords on January 8.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the riddles cannot be translated into multiple languages, since the hints depend on a specific sequence of words. For this reason, there will only be two language versions of THE GAME — Russian and English.


First place: The player with the most points will receive 500 units of each supply*, 100 gold boxes, 50 containers, a drone** and Dream Tank*** of their choice, and a tablet from our partner Prestigio.

Second place: 400 units of each supply*, 80 gold boxes, 40 containers, and a drone** of the player’s choice.

Third place: 300 units of each supply*, 60 gold boxes, 30 containers, a drone** of the player’s choice.

Places 4-10 places: 200 units of each supply*, 20 gold boxes, 10 containers and a drone** of the player’s choice.

Places 11-100 places: 50 units of each supply*, 10 gold boxes and 5 containers.

Anyone who is NOT in the TOP 100 but has scored 30 or more points will receive 20 of each supply*.

Tankers who have scored 25 points will receive 10 of each supply*.
Those who do not submit all five keywords will receive no prize.


Registration starts: January 3, 09:00 UTC - https://game.tankionline.com/en/

THE GAME begins: January 4, 09:00 UTC.

Registration ends: January 7, 20:59 UTC.

The final (fifth) day of the GAME starts: January 8, 09:00 UTC.

Deadline for submitting keywords: January 8, 20:59 UTC.

Winners announced and prizes awarded: January 9 (during the day).
Ask questions and discuss the progress of THE GAME in this topic.

Good luck to you, tankers!

* double damage, double armor, speed up, mine, battery, repair kits
** fully upgraded
*** "Dream Tank" consists of a fully upgraded turret, hull and protective module of the player’s choice, available at their rank
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