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Queen Elizabeth II news: How 'something went WRONG during US tour' - Today News US  In May 2007, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were greeted to a crowd of royal admirers and flowers as the royal couple brought pomp to the US to mark the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement in Virginia. During the royal visit, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh paid a visit to Lexington, Kentucky, to attend the most famous horserace in the US, an event that is a passion of the Queen. In 2016 BBC documentary “Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work”, it is revealed that the official part of the US visit was suspended so the Queen and the Duke could have a day off to “indulge her lifelong passion”. How Princess Diana 'became IRRELEVANT' for the Queen Prince Philip's 'argument' with Queen's hosts REVEALED  The Queen’s then press secretary Penny Russell-Smith’s mission was to find a good location for Her Majesty to be photographed with the Kentucky Derby trophy.  The narrator explains that because this is a “very special day”, Ms Russell-Smith “wants the Queen to be inconvenienced as little as possible”.  Ms Russell-Smith said: “The sort of picture the media really want to have is ideally of the Queen with racehorses in the same frame, which isn’t exactly going to happen."  The narrator, Tim Piggot-Smith reveals that Ms Russell-Smith’s plan is for the Queen to grant the photographers a few moments en-route to the royal box. The documentary then shows Ms Russell-Smith excited after she spotted a painting of a racehorse on the wall inside where the press are busy preparing for their snaps.  “Let’s organise it so the Queen knows exactly where she’s going," said the press secretary to fellow event organisers.  Eager to get that ideal shot of the monarch against the racehorse painting, Ms Russell-Smith proceeds to curate and brief the room of photographers and media personnel.  The moment arrives as the Queen, wearing a lime green wool coat with a matching silk dress and lime green hat with fuchsia trim, arrived and appeared to walk straight past all the photographers.  “The Queen walked straight past the trophy set-up,” confirms Mr Pigott-Smith.   “Something went wrong. I don’t think the Queen was briefed properly. I mean, she didn’t even come anywhere near the trophy," said a confused photographer.  Queen Elizabeth’s press secretary then said: “Well unfortunately they clearly missed out the trophy which means that the media did not have there photo opportunity." After the first race, the documentary clarifies after “a bit of re-organising”, the media get their moment to capture the Queen alongside the Derby trophy.
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