Lovers of Music | Trot恋人 | 트로트의연인 - EP 15 [SUB : KOR, ENG, CHN, IND, VI]

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- Cast : Ji Hyunwoo(지현우), Jung Eunji(정은지), Shin Sungrok(신성록), Lee Seyoung(이세영), Son Junho(손준호)

Lovers of Music Ep 15
- Suin meets Junhyeon at the stage where she caused the accident. She cowers in fear when she realizes his memory had returned and that he knew she was responsible. "I'll do as you say. But give me some time. Time to settle things. Give me a few days." Junhyeon gives Suin three days to genuinely apologize and turn herself in. Because of the negative scandals surrounding her, Chunhui works hard, taking on any gig that she is invited to.

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