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Future Maker Latest News Today | Future Maker News 2019 | Future Maker CMD Radheshyam
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Today in these video see future maker latest news today top trending news for CMD radheshyam shyam news today also see future maker newsh hindi know future maker company top trending news in hindi as you god all the niwesak of future maker company are trusted on CMD radhe shyam sir Police are saying CMD radheshyam shyam will got bail as soon as possible from telangana court

CMD secures bail in all cases registered in Telangana, court tells police to misuse rights
 Future maker: CMD secures bail in all cases registered in Telangana, court tells police to misuse rights

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CMD Radhey Shyam of Future Maker Company has granted bail in both cases, while the third case raised by the police has been rejected by the Telangana High Court. Sirsa Police's SIT has brought relief to the Future Maker, even the Future Maker company is not considered to be considered for a chitfund category. The cyberabad court has given bail to Radhey Shyam, who has commented that the police misused their rights to file a case against the CMD of the company.

According to information from the sources, the FIR No. 710 was registered at the company's CMD in Kukurpuli police station of Telangana. In this case, the police was investigated while the bail application of Radhey Shyam from the company was filed. As soon as the police felt that Radhey Shyam was going to get bail, the police registered FIR number 541 in Chandan Nagar police station of Telangana and protested against bail saying it was a test and gave bail to Radhey Shyam. In the second case even when the police felt that Radhey Shyam was on bail, the Telangana Police filed another FIR number 768 and in the second case, the bail was granted to Radhey Shyam in the second case.
Radhey Shyam's lawyer challenged the separate cases being filed in the same judicial area by the police in the Telangana High Court and protested saying that the police is simply lodging a case against Radhey Shyam for the purpose of murder. The High Court issued notice to the police after hearing the plea of ​​Radhey Shyam lawyers and expressing dissatisfaction over their reply, while dismissing the third case filed by the police, shook the police.

During the hearing in the court, the main FIR No. 710 which was recorded in Kukurpuri police station, Radhey Shyam has got conditional bail, in which Radhey Shyam will have to deposit his passport and cooperate in police investigation. Radhey Shyam has got bail in second FIR No. 541 registered by the police.

On the other hand, not being considered by the SIT of the Sirsa Police in the category of Chintfund, it is also a relief news for the company and the investors. Now after the SIT 8 days of Sirsa Police Police remand, Radhey Shyam will be presented to the court in Fatehabad court on Thursday. The court will give its verdict, the police will take action under it, and according to the court's directions on the conditional bail granted in the main FIR number 710 recorded in the FIR filed in Cyberabad police station in Telangana this week, Radhey Shyam will have to go to Cyberabad to join the police investigation.
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