Cody Simpson Music Evolution (2010-2018)

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I'd just like to say that this video was originally almost seven minutes long, but I had to shorten it by almost half of that amount due to Copyright. It's getting harder and harder to upload Cody's music on YouTube, but I have wanted to make this video for a very long time so I did what I could to still be able to post it. This means some of the clips are shorter than others or are edited, and many songs had to be left out.

That being said, here is the succession of Cody's music/music videos, from his very first single & music video, to one of his most recent. Comment down below one of your favorite memories from one of the songs or videos above, or a period of time in being a Cody fan. Mine is when Cody released On My Mind because I remember thinking how much deeper his voice had become, haha. Thanks for watching!

Songs/videos in order of appearance:
1. iYiYi
2. All Day
3. On My Mind
4. Not Just You
5. Wish U Were Here
6. Pretty Brown Eyes
7. Summertime of Our Lives
8. Surfboard
9. New Problems
10. Underwater
11. Don't Let Me Go
12. Daybreak
13. Way Way

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